Some say my smile is contagious, I sincerely hope you’ll catch it! ;)


I’m Violaine, but call me V!

I’m a wedding and elopement photographer based in the suburbs of Montreal! I tried living in the city for a few years and did NOT like it. I’m ALLLLL about the nature! #sorrynotsorry.

I’m a pretty spontaneous person, always on the lookout for new adventures! New Zealand is #1 on my travel bucket list. Closely followed by Scotland, Switzerland, Ireland & about at least 25 more countries. I feel like the more I travel, the longer my list gets ahah! There’s no getting out of it!

When I’m not travelling, you can often find me home watching Friends or doing puzzles. Yaaaaaas! I’m that weird person that loves puzzles! Mostly when they have cats or dogs on them.

I adore cats, I’ve actually got 2 of them. My babies that I talk to and miss more than people when i’m not home. But I love ALL ANIMALS (but spiders).

I love frolicking because it’s totally impossible to be mad while frolicking. You immediately get a smile on your face.
Try it, you’ll see! ;)


These are a few of my favorites things :

Did ya sing it? If so we’ll be friends!

  • Watching the sunset in a new part of the world

  • Funny cats videos

  • Fresh & juicy mangoes

  • Roadtrips with my boo

  • Spontaneous & crazy adventures

  • Laughing until my jaw hurts


"Both my husband and I loved the time we spent at our session and were blown away by the gorgeous images Violaine delivered to us. Before shooting, she took the time to get to know us, which made the actual shoot feel so much more casual and relaxing. She had us laughing and smiling the whole time, so the smiles you'd see in our photos are 100% genuine! She was the sweetest, funniest person to spend time with and she made us feel like models the whole time."

-Abby & Austin 2019


Keep your smile, everyday & always!


Violaine is an adventurous wedding and elopement photographer based in Montreal, Canada but she travels worldwide. She loves the intimate, authentic and raw moments that happen each second between two people in love. She believes in the craziness of every couples and that laugh is the best medicine. She’s not afraid of freezing in the cold or getting completely wet under rain, as long as her images reflects her clients personality.
“It’s all about YOUR story. Whoever you are, wherever you go.”