What is an “Elopement”?


Where did it come from?

The term “elopement” comes from a while ago. You know that time when most marriages were arranged ? Yuhu that’s a long time ago. Well, some couples were falling in love but didn’t receive the approval of their families to get married.
Instead of just abandoning their love and marry someone their family would approve, some of these couples were deciding to run away to get married alone, away from their families.

People called those weddings “elopements”.

What is it now?

Now, elopements are a little different. Usually people do not have to run away from their families anymore ahah. So, these days, elopements can be either getting married on the spot, like right now, today, on an impulse. You know, the kind of impulsive wedding that happens in Vegas ahah. Or, they can be a little more planned, a few months in advance, but are really intimate: the couple completely alone or with less than 15 guests.


Why do people elope?

These are two the biggest reasons:

  1. To get away from the wedding planning stress:
    If you planned a wedding or had someone close to you plan one, you KNOW how stressful it can be. There is so MANY things to consider & so MANY things that could go wrong. It’s supposed to be one of the most magical days of your life, so you want everything to be perfect. It can be really stressful. You’re spending a whole year, sometimes even more than that, to plan ONE DAY of your life. For some people, it can be a little too much. Elopements can be the way to go!

  2. To live an experience:
    Elopements in amazing locations are getting more and more popular. For the spontaneous couples that love the outdoors and things that are a little out of the ordinary, elopements can be amazing.
    Imagine starting your day in the cutest Airbnb out in Scotland. Getting dressed with the love of your life: him zipping up your dress, you arranging his bow tie. Putting on your hiking boots together and getting out in the outdoor. Hiking to a wonderful lake or on a cliff. Saying your vows and crying, with only the wind and the waves of the water as a background sound. Ending the day cuddling and drinking your favorite wine watching the sunset in a new country.

    Elopements are about you guys and only you. You don’t have to pick 3 different kind of meals to be sure to please everyone.
    You only have to care about what makes YOU guys happy and aligned.
    You just have to take it easy, enjoy your day and enjoy being together.

But, people also elope because it is usually cheaper than a wedding & it gives you the opportunity to plan an amazing trip together and say your love for each other in an intimate and beautiful setting.


What about my family?

Some people find it really important to still have their family and friends with them, so they invite only their closest ones. Elopements are usually under 15 guests.
They hike with their loved ones or do it somewhere it’s easy to go & arrange a little setting with a few chairs or even just let the people stand up, since the ceremony is usually really short!
Elopements are always so powerful because every guest that is there REALLY care about the couple and REALLY WANT to be there. The group is always super close to one another. It always gets really emotional, it’s always so beautiful.

Won’t they be mad?

I know a lot of people are afraid of that. The way I see it: the people that truly loves you are gonna understand if you explain them why you did it.
You can also always do a party with everyone when you get back! That way they still get to celebrate with you guys! You can even redo the ceremony the same way you did it or show them the photos in a slideshow to make them feel like they were with you!

I feel like people could get mad about not being there only because elopements are not that popular yet.
I feel like if it was in “the norm”, people would understand more easily and would not be mad anymore.
I feel like people only get mad because it’s out of the ordinary, they’re not used to it & they feel left out because of that.
So let’s get this shit popular together, right ?!

Anyway, I would not worry too much about it!
Your wedding should be about YOU guys only. You should care about what you guys want and that’s it!


How do I plan that?

First, start by choosing WHERE you’d do it.

Which country, location, emplacement calls or speaks to you?
If you take a second to think about it, where would you DREAM to go to exchange your vows?

You need to choose someplace that has a signification for you guys or that FEELS like you.

Then, when your choice is made: Write to me!
It doesn’t matter if you wanna elope on the balcony at your parents’ cottage or in the highlands of Scotland, I’m gonna help you guys plan this thing!!!

If this is making you wanna scream :



PSSSSTTT! You can find why I would elope right here!



Violaine is an adventurous wedding and elopement photographer based in Montreal, Canada but she travels worldwide. She loves the intimate, authentic and raw moments that happen each second between two people in love. She believes in the craziness of every couples and that laugh is the best medicine. She’s not afraid of freezing in the cold or getting completely wet under rain, as long as her images reflects her clients personality.
“It’s all about YOUR story. Whoever you are, wherever you go.”