Why I would ELOPE if I ever get married


Before getting in, you need to know…


The term elopement comes from a while ago, when couples suddenly decided to run away together to get married, away from their families.
But in the last years, eloping has become more and more common and the meaning of that term has come to some changes.
People now mostly choose elopement to get out of all the wedding stress and planification. It can go from a super small and sudden wedding in a backyard with only close family, to the couple leaving completely alone to get married on a cliff in Ireland or on top of a mountain.
It’s the perfect way to get married for the couples looking to live an adventure and have an intimate and nontraditional wedding.

*I need to tell you guys that despite everything I’m gonna say in this article, I’m not at all against traditional weddings. I actually LOVE THEM! I would not be a wedding photographer otherwise!😉 Traditional weddings and elopements are just so different and filled with so many different emotions. But they are all wonderful!
This article is only my way of thinking about my own wedding someday.*


Now, why would I want to elope?

I’ve never been the kind of girl that DREAMED about getting married. My parents never got married. Actually my mother always said to me that she’d burst into laughter if she ever got to the “I do” part, so she never wanted to get there. I never doubted her to be honest ahah! Knowing her the way I do, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what would happen!
So, I’m not at that point ahah. I would actually enjoy saying “Yes” if the moment came. But it’s not something that I absolutely want to happen in my life. It’s not something I need.
For me, it would only be a “plus” to my life.

But why would I choose to elope.


For me, a marriage is between two people: The husband and the wife.
They are the Team, they are the one that make the decisions, together.
As much as I ADORE my whole family, they would not be a part of the Team.
So why should they be a part of the wedding?

Now I’m hearing you guys say: “But by joining you both together, you’re also joining your families together.”

Yes, but no.
And again, that’s MY way of seeing things.
Yes, we’re kinda joining our families, but how many times will we really ALL get together again? Once? Twice? Never?
Truth is, not often. So are we really joining them together?
I feel that years ago, marriage where actually used for that, to join families together. Well, it was one of the reasons why people got married. So they could become a bigger family and have more people to rely on. They really became one big family.
But it’s not like that anymore.
Marriage is not joining families together anymore, it only joins two people in love.

I totally agree to the fact that we should celebrate that union with both our families.
Yes! 100%! I’d want to celebrate it with mine and the family of my loved one!
But I just said it. We should celebrate that union with them. Not live it with them.

For me, marriage is private between two souls in love.
So the wedding should be too.

The wedding ceremony should be the reflection of what the marriage is gonna be.


With that said, I would probably love to have my closest friend on my side as support. Because even in the greatest of marriage we sometimes need another shoulder to rely on. And my closest friend being there would be the absolute proof I could rely on them at any time.
But I’m sure I’d enjoy it as much if I was completely alone with my love (and an amazing photographer of course, duh.).


Other than that, I’m also a TERRIBLE planner.
Seriously, each time I have to plan something I just get overwhelmed, anxious and I get into a denial phase where I try my best to forget I have to plan something and do everything else instead of plan. Yup I’m that bad LOL!
I actually prefer to be spontaneous. I don’t really mind not knowing what’s coming. It scares me but feeds my soul at the same time. It reminds me that life is full of amazing surprises, surprises you had never thought of!
And things almost never happen the way we thought they would anyway, you know?! Why should we plan something if we have no idea if it’s gonna work out that way? Ugh. I do not have that time to lose ahah!!


So, I would SO ENJOY not having to plan anything for my wedding. Only having to find our outfits, photographer, location for our elopement and letting everything else just fall into place. That just sounds so dreamy for me!!

And finally, my photographer heart cannot NOT think about the photos.

Just imagine your fiancé/e and yourself on top of a mountain or a cliff.
All dressed up (with boots maybe though).
Smiling and saying to each other how excited you are to get to share your lives together.
All you can see around is nature; mountains, forests and/or the ocean.
And all you can hear is the sound of the wind, the singing of birds and the waves of the ocean.

Just picture that for a minute, it sounds amazing right?
Well with an elopement, you would not have to imagine it anymore, it would become real.
Only that is enough for me to choose to elope ahaha!!!

I know that many people are afraid of what their families and friends are gonna say if they eloped alone. But it should not stop you.
Your wedding day should be about you and your significant other, that’s it.
You should decide to do what makes YOU guys happy, no matter what is it.

And if you really want to do an elopement but are so afraid to tell your family, nothing stops you from inviting the ones that are closest to you and do a super small ceremony on top of the mountain!
Or even sending them a little card, explaining the reasons why you decided to elope and inviting them to a celebration when you’ll come back. You know, a dinner with speeches and photos of your elopement. That way they won’t feel left out and won’t feel like they missed everything. 😉


If you read it all, I’d love to have your advice on all of this below!
Would you be up for an elopement or are you 100% traditional wedding?
Let me know in a comment! I cannot wait to read you! 😊


Violaine is an adventurous wedding and elopement photographer based in Montreal, Canada but she travels worldwide. She loves the intimate, authentic and raw moments that happen each second between two people in love. She believes in the craziness of every couples and that laugh is the best medicine. She’s not afraid of freezing in the cold or getting completely wet under rain, as long as her images reflects her clients personality.
“It’s all about YOUR story. Whoever you are, wherever you go.”