Why having an engagement shoot is so important?


Engagement shoots are not really “engagement shoots”. Most of the time, couples have been engaged for a while when comes the time to do their engagement shoot. We kinda do it a few weeks/months before their wedding ahah! Some clients like to use those photos on their Save the Date, but I often get asked if it can be removed from their wedding package. I always say “No”. There’s a really good reason why I include it guys, otherwise, imma tell you, I WOULD NOT!

Engagement shoots are an introduction to our team. Because yes, my clients and I, I see us as a team. Of course, I’m the one that works the most 😉 While taking your photos & working the light, I also do/say a lot of silly things to make you guys laugh and relax the mood. But I still need you guys to be ready to give me all of your energy! We 100% need to work together to create the PRETTIEST PHOTOS EVER.


How it helps you

First, having an engagement shoot helps to remove a lot of stress from your shoulders. Most of my clients never had their photos taken before their engagement shoot, so, without it, their wedding day would also be their first experience in front of the camera. They would not know at all what to expect. And as anything new, that can be a little scary. Mostly for the grooms, because let’s be honest; guys usually hate having their photos taken ahaha!!
And even if you had shoots before, but with another photographer. We, photographers, all work in different ways. So, it might not be the same experience AT ALL.
You already have so much going on on your wedding day. You do not need to have a stranger get into your bubble to take your photos. Am I right?! It would only stress you even more.
So, during our engagement shoot, we talk, we laugh, we get to know each other. You see my way of working and learn to get along with it. You get to see there’s absolutely nothing to be scared of or stressed about a shoot with me ahah!
But anyways, we have fun together during that shoot, so when your wedding day arrive, you do not mind me getting into your bubble(because I assure you I will!). Because you already know me & we’re friends.


How it helps me

It helps me understand you guys better. Every couple is different, so every couple needs to be approach in a different way.
Some couples will open to me and get silly pretty fast, while others will stay a bit shy all shoot long. It’s their personalities. I need to understand it and respect it. By doing an engagement shoot, I get to feel and understand your personalities before the wedding, so I already know how to interact with you guys to get the BEST OUT OF YOU for your wedding photos! I also learn the kind of poses you like the most to do the same kind on your wedding day!


As I said at the beginning of this article, the engagement shoot is an introduction to our team. It helps us learn to work together so we’re ready and know how to give our 150% on your wedding day.
Really often, during wedding, we schedule 50 minutes for photos but end up having 20. When that happens, if we had an engagement shoot, we have no worries doing an hour worth of photos in 20 minutes because you guys know how to work with me & how to pose yourself and act when I give you directions. That way, we can work fast without any problem!

I know engagement shoots are not always possible. Sometimes my couples live very far from me or they book me like a month before their wedding, so we don’t have any time to do it.
But when they are possible, I seriously highly recommend them!
It’s seriously a gift I make you guys by including it in my packages, SO PLEASE TAKE THE GIFT ahahaha!!! 


I really hope it’s all more clear now & that you’ll be ready to do that shoot with me !
We’ll rock it!

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Violaine is an adventurous wedding and elopement photographer based in Montreal, Canada but she travels worldwide. She loves the intimate, authentic and raw moments that happen each second between two people in love. She believes in the craziness of every couples and that laugh is the best medicine. She’s not afraid of freezing in the cold or getting completely wet under rain, as long as her images reflects her clients personality.
“It’s all about YOUR story. Whoever you are, wherever you go.”